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Musical performances require consistent practice to deliver amazing performances. We enjoy meeting regularly to let our love for music blossom and continue providing the BEST of Mariachi music.



SE HABLA ESPAÑOL: contact Santiago at 323 810-1494 at anytime



There’s no better reward for our hard work than applause from the crowd. We have put on quite a few concerts over the years and are always tickled to see how excited the audiences get. Whether it’s weddings, Christmas pageants or official events, we always find the right music for any occasion.


Coming soon - in Los Angeles Mariachi Alas De Angel 


Providing services in all of Southern and Northern California.

You can find us here:

Mariachi Alas de Angel


Phone: 323 810 1494

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MARIACHI ALAS DE ANGEL is featured in our LATIN radio station LA RAZA 97.9 F.M

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